This year the United States celebrates the 50’th anniversary of the “Summer of Love” (1967). It was a time when peace seemed not only possible but inevitable, and love ruled supreme. That energy of hope and possibility is needed even more today! Let’s make every summer from now on a real summer of love! Catch Human on the road this summer surrounded by smiling people and useful plants! 

June 9-11- Laytonville, CA Enchanted Forest Gathering

June 16-18- Ashland, OR Mystic Rising Festival

July 12-14- Morgantown, WV U.P.S. Ginseng Symposium

July 15- Yellow Springs, OH Antioch College Reunion

July 18- Nashville, TN 12 South Farmers Market

July 29- Plymouth, MA Private Event

August 17-23- Crook County, OR Oregon Eclipse Festival

August 24-27- Ashland, OR Mystic Rising Festival