Ahh Costa Rica! Land of Pura Vida! A land like no other and a place where cultures converge and play.

Seven years ago some visionaries, nay Envisionaries, had a dream to bring the diverse cultures existing within this magical country together for a 4 day experience. Latin music, American hippie folk, Tico (Costa Rican) bands, and Electronica of all varieties mixed with art, dancing, fashion and a strong emphasis on community building were the hallmarks of their creation. I was fortunate to be there to represent the acoustic roots music in that first year, and every year since, except one year when I was unable to attend due to family commitments. 

To celebrate the seventh year of this unique festival, Envision has assembled a team of musicians and artists to tour the country in collaboration with Selina Hostels and bring a little bit of the Envision Experience to each event. Join Matthew Human, DJ Bunny Wabbit, DJ Max Manie, Funka, plus live painting and dancers.

Join us at one or all of the events on the #SelenaCaravan #PuraVida!

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Check out the Envision Music Festival Feb 23-26