Sleep under the stars, work in the dirt, commune with nature, and hang with amazing people.
Science has proven that working with your hands in the dirt leads to greater happiness and that being out in nature decreases stress, anxiety, inflammation, and can even prevent cancer. We know that we just feel better when we live in harmony with the Earth.

This is not a resort or a retreat but rather a real life experience of nature-connected living. You’ll get the chance to participate in an intentional permaculture community and get a taste of connected living – connected to yourself, community, and nature. You’ll come away whole, healed, and inspired.

Organically Grown local food
Healthy Off-grid food preparation
Daily farm improvement work and learning
Daily river and free time
Basic accommodation or camping
Nightly music around the fire
Daily meditation
Lots of wifi free time

Registration and More info:

*For discounted registration email us direct through the form on this website.